• Ultra Full and Long Mommy and Daughter Tutus


    The adult skirt is 54" long. The material is tied onto a double sided satin ribbon that matches the skirt and the skirt ties around the waist. Please pick the waist size that corresponds with the area the skirt is to be worn (for example above or below the navel).

    The child skirt is made on a stretchy elastic band and has a smaller size matching satin ribbon bow. The child skirt is about ankle length. The length guide below is just a standard guide. Every child is different so if you would like a different length than the one listed please leave me the length as a message during checkout. 


    0-11 months- leave measurements
    12 months- 15" long
    18 months- 17" long
    24 months/ 2T- 19" long
    3T- 20" long
    4T- 21" long
    5T/5- 22" long
    6- 23" long
    7- 25" long
    8-10 - 27" long

    To add an additional child skirt(s) please use the link below: