At BB's Boutique it is our mission to get you the best quality of products in a timely manner. Since all of our skirts and dresses are handmade by us at the time of purchase it does take some time to make. Our typical processing time is 1-10 business days, although if we had to toot our own horn it's actually closer to 1-3 days. We only ask for up to 10 business days just in case we have to hurry and get more material in to finish your order. During our high volume season, typically Aug - Oct, the processing time may be closer to the 10 day mark. 

Shipping is done with USPS (post office). Shipping time varies depending on which method you choose and does not include our processing time. 

Shipping Times for USA:
Standard: 3-5 business days
Priority: 2-3 business days
Priority Express: 1-2 business days

Shipping Times for International Orders:
Standard: up to 14-16 business days
Priority: 6-10 business days
Priority Express: 3-5 business days