• Create Your Own Tulle Table Skirt

    Please specify what color(s) you would like and how you want the colors arranged. Max of 6 colors. Message me if you have questions.

    Brighten your big day with one of these festive table skirt. Perfect for weddings, birthday parties, and so much more. Each table skirt is handmade when ordered so be creative and design your very own skirt. Choose from 31 different color options and 15 different ribbon colors. 

    The table skirts are made by tying strips of tulle to a double sided satin ribbon. There is an extra foot of ribbon on each end (without material on it) so you can tie it into a decorative bow. To find your size simply measure around the table and choose the length that best matches your table.

    Due to its weight it is recommended that you secure the skirt to the table by using push pins or Velcro. Push pins and Velcro are not included.