• Adult or Child Pastel Color Tutu


    Embrace the Joy of Spring with our Pastel Delight Tutu Skirt. This adorably full and fluffy tutu is perfect for celebrating the season and adding a touch of whimsy to any occasion. The skirt features a delightful combination of pastel colors, including Lavender, Peach, and Baby Maize Yellow, which create a charming and vibrant look.

    Made on a stretchy elastic band, this tutu skirt ensures a comfortable and secure fit. The adult skirt measures 20 inches in length, allowing for easy movement and twirling. The child skirt is designed to be around knee length, providing a playful and age-appropriate style.

    To add an extra touch of sweetness, the skirt comes with a coordinating accent bow in pink. This bow complements the pastel colors beautifully, adding a charming detail to the overall look.

    Whether you're attending a springtime party, participating in a festive event, or simply looking to brighten up your day, our Pastel Delight Tutu Skirt is a wonderful choice. Its fullness, vibrant colors, and whimsical style will make you feel like a true enchantress. So, go ahead and celebrate the season in style with this delightful tutu skirt.