• Cinderella Tutu Dress


    Make a statement in this beautiful Cinderella tutu dress.

    It comes in 3 pieces, the dress, the sparkle wrap around cover to the skirt and the black choker.

    The skirt has 3 layers of light blue tulle which helps make the dress puffy.

    The sparkle wrap has 2 functions, to look pretty and to help prevent the blue tulle on the bottom from being blown all around by the wind.

    Child Dress Skirt Length:

    18 Months- 17" long
    24 Months/2t- 19" long
    3t- 20" long
    4t- 21" long
    5t/5- 22" long
    6- 23" long
    7- 25" long
    8- 26" long
    10- 28" long

    Measure your waist at the smallest point above your naval or where you would like it to sit on your body and choose the best option from the size chart.